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If applied properly the introduction section will make your supervisor introduce you as an example of expert dissertation writer to your classmates for the sake of motivation!!!

The introduction to any matter is required to be done in the best manner. The first impression is the last impression, and the first impression of your dissertation is the introduction. Students are required to write the best

dissertation introduction

if they want their project advisor to go through the complete dissertation with keen interest.

Dissertation introduction is the most crucial stage as it is the starting point of your dissertation and the reader makes sure that the introduction is read with great attention. Hence, introductions for dissertations must possess all the necessary elements to capture the attention of the readers and should be clearly highlighting the main chapters in the dissertation.

A lot of concentration is required when writing an introduction for your dissertation if you want to impress your reader and read your dissertation with interest.

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Writing a dissertation introduction is a very time consuming task and can take up considerable time of yours and which will eventually delay your dissertation submission.

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There are many different questions that students might have when starting to write their dissertation, these questions can be:

What is a dissertation introduction?

What is the main purpose of writing the dissertation introduction?

What is the proper structure of a dissertation introduction?

A good quality dissertation introduction holds four subsections.

ii..Focus of the research
iii..Aim of the research and research objectives
iv..Value of the research

The background is used to place your research subject in context, mentioning all the useful literature sources, using different referencing techniques.

The research subsection can easily be pooled with the background of your introduction, it`s main purpose is to describe the area under discussion in your research paper.

Aims of the research and research objectives should clearly be defining the research focus, both of them can be converted into research questions. This subsection presents an abstract of the different methods that you are going to use to conduct research and mentions the time that you have allotted to your research work to be completed.

Value of the research is a subsection, which explains the significance, and importance of your research work.

A good quality dissertation also demands the writer to create a structure, which should be highlighting main sub-sections that each of your chapters contain.

The question that most of the students seek answer to is: WHAT IS THE BEST SOURCE OF



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